We believe that choosing a creative path is about pushing the boundaries, innovation and conquering new Frontiers.

The Frontier is a place where we nurture young creatives. We provide a platform to connect, promote their work, get inspired and win scholarships / prizes through creative challenges.

About Frontier

Frontier is a global community platform that connects young creatives—designers, artists, architects, writers, photographers, filmmakers, and others—around the world. Created in 2011, it is an incubator where talented artists share their work in an online portfolio, apply for scholarships, participate in global creative challenges, collaborate on projects, and discuss the latest industry trends. 

Frontier is nurtured by five top universities on three continents: NewSchool of Architecture and Design in San Diego, California; Santa Fe University of Art and Design in Santa Fe, New Mexico; Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti and Domus Academy in Milan, Italy; and Media Design School in Auckland, New Zealand. These established institutions prepare students for fulfilling careers in any field that seeks creative thinkers. They accomplish this by providing mentoring from faculty members who are working artists and designers, collaboration with students from all over the globe, and real-world projects that forge important industry connections. 


Members and activities

Frontier is open to all aspiring and professional designers, artists, and architects. Most members are students, but the site welcomes professionals to share insights and mentor junior members. Faculty members from the five nurturing schools are also part of the network and offer their expertise to other members. 

To join, participants need to register at and set up an artist profile and portfolio. 

Benefits of joining Frontier

1.Create a professional-looking, user-friendly multimedia portfolio page and artist profile. Users receive their own short URL and the ability to share their work to social networks with the push of a button.

2.Use the portfolio network to get feedback and generate discussions. Since all members are growing and evolving creatively, they can learn a lot from the feedback and critique of their peers, faculty, and professional members.

3.Compete for life-changing scholarship opportunities to one of the five top design and art universities around the world.

4.Work on design briefs for Frontier Creative Challenges to win prizes, including the latest design gear, such as a full DSLR camera set, MacBooks, and iPads. These global competitions are the perfect platform for aspiring creative artists and designers to stretch their talent by competing on an international level.