Aptitude Test Process Manuel

İstanbul Bilgi University Fashion Design Department aims to improve designing and application skills of students. The structure of the four-year BA degree program in Fashion Design has been built around to meet these requirements by focusing on granting students to experiment as well as specialise within creative and practical areas of expertise in the field. 

Consequently, the admission of international student’s assessment is determined by the quality of the application, indicated primarily in their portfolio of work and oral interview. Applicants are normally expected to have achieved, or be expected to achieve, the course entry requirements detailed below.

Educational Background 

International applicants are required to complete 12 years of high school education and achieve a minimum average of %60 to apply to the program.  

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If the application is found valid by the international admissions department the applicant will be asked to present a portfolio. As soon as the portfolio is presented the application will be forwarded to the program for the final academic decision.   

What we look for 

The four-year BA degree program in Fashion Design is for showing a natural aptitude with talents, self-motivated fashion enthusiast to commit to a course that is demanding in expressing themselves artistically and creatively.  

The selection criteria: Portfolio and interview 

We select applicants according to candidate student’s potential, meaning to see their ideas that have originated in their own experience and research and progressed towards potential visual as well as finished design proposals to products. It is important that the creative work they include reflects and demonstrates their thinking and personal commitment. This extents from their personal motivation to their awareness of fashion, art and design. 

For international students, portfolio stage is an essential element of application to our program. International students can send their portfolio electronically via e-mail that should cover 7 to 10 images, demonstrating:  -Show imagination and ambition in proposals for their work -Demonstrate a range and relevant of skills and technical abilities -Provide evidence of intellectual enquiry within their work

The department can ask for a face-to-face/online interview, the assessment criteria for this: -Present their work appropriately and effectively -Demonstrate commitment and motivation in relation to the course -Show self-motivated fashion enthusiast  -Demonstrate personal awareness and/or contextual framework of their work -Evidence an interest in contemporary fashion design 

The application period for international students usually starts at the first week of June each year.