Program Structure

Fashion is one of the disciplines of design that has influenced mankind physically and socially over the ages in the framework of changing cultural patterns and social structure. Continually renewing itself, fashion expresses rapidly changing environmental conditions and societal tastes while at the same time acting as an indicator of the historical development of material culture and changing life styles in their economic and industrial dimensions. By means of costume, directors of fashion dominate and direct modes of social behavior and aesthetic and consumer values. Within this context, the BA program in Fashion Design aims to educate the professionals required by the textile and fashion industries in Turkey in accordance with international standards.

The Fashion Design Undergraduate Program has been prepared for individuals who want to find a place in the magical world of fashion and are ready to explore their capabilities in the different facets of their dreams.

BİLGİ Fashion Design Undergraduate Program is offering its students the opportunity to obtain two diplomas from BİLGİ and NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti), one of the best and most competitive design schools in the world. Students who successfully fulfill the requirements complete their 1st, 2nd and 4th years at BİLGİ and the 3rd year at NABA within a four-year joint curriculum and become eligible for diplomas from both institutions. After the 3rd year at NABA, students will be able to take advantage of NABA’s partnerships and Milano’s professional network and intern in Italy. 

* The Undergraduate Program in Fashion Design admits students with special aptitude test.  

BİLGİ Fashion Design Brochure  

NABA Brochure