Department of Industrial Design

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Acting Department Head Asst. Prof. Dr. Can Altay

Among the departments of the Faculty of Architecture, the Department of Industrial Design offers the most intensive links to modern industry. Instead of limiting itself to the teaching of technical skills, the curriculum focuses on the fact that industrial design is a profession, and that people and societies need more comfortable living spaces and products not only in terms of economic welfare but also in terms of aesthetic values.

The Department aims to train individuals who, with their sense of responsibility, behavior and attitude, are equipped with the capacity to lead those around them and the society at large in terms of aesthetic and technical matters. The department treats industrial design as a profession that ranges from artisanal artifacts to mass-produced systems, from objects that fill private spaces to urban furniture in public spaces, from the simplest objects needed in daily life to the most complex technological devices.

The Department closely cooperates with the Department of Architecture in terms of the design and completion of the equipment and industrial components of mass building complexes, and with the Department of Interior Design by sharing the environments and skills of artifact production. In other words, it has links to both modern industry and the construction sector. The department adopts an approach that uses design to define the products of the present day, as well as the production methods of both the pre-industrial and post-industrial eras.