Program Structure

Industrial Design covers everything that has to be produced, from the simplest objects that surround us in our daily lives to the most complex objects used at space stations. In this context, the primary objective of BİLGİ Undergraduate Program in Industrial Design is to teach its students how to learn. Since the ability to define the basic problematics of the object to be produced is of great importance, the Program focuses on both innovation and invention, and the underlying professional knowledge. The Program paves the way for future interdisciplinary projects by collaborating with the Architecture and Interior Design programs during its basic first-year design training. This collaboration is further enhanced with joint projects at the materials library, digital laboratories and the wood and metal workshops.

BİLGİ Undergraduate Program in Industrial Design cooperates with the NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti)Milano, one of the best design schools in Italy and the world. This cooperation allows successful students to obtain a diploma from both schools. Students who meet the achievement criteria of the four-year BİLGİ-NABA joint curriculum can obtain a diploma from both BİLGİ and NABA by spending the first two years and the last year of their education at BİLGİ, and attending the NABA program in the third year. While at NABA, students may also work as apprentices in Italy and practice the profession, taking advantage of the industrial collaboration programs of NABA and the professional networks of Milano.