BİLGİ Interior Design Department, at the intersection of departments of Industrial Design and Architecture, presents a critical stance within the alternative curriculum of the Faculty of Architecture at BİLGİ. Interior Design depends on the same professional and technical knowledge base with Architecture in design of individual spaces and with Industrial Design in design of objects with potentials of customization and/or mass-production. BİLGİ Interior Design Department aims at training designers with an ‘integrated design’ perspective with aesthetic as well as technical skills. Students are equipped with not only contemporary construction techniques and materials, but also contemporary know-how on lighting, acoustics and climatization. With an agenda to train potentially proactive figures in the profession, the program situates itself on a rich ground that is widely related to both current construction and manufacturing industries. Design studios encompass an extensive spectrum of various scales from ‘object design’ to modular furniture systems; from articulation of small scale domestic environment to large scale public spaces.