Management of Performing Arts

about program

Management of Performing Arts Programme (MAP) offers a creative and interdisciplinary education to the people will take part in the entertainment industry, whose take is growing in the economy of Turkey. Programme educates performers and directors / producers of all kinds of stage shows that take place on and behind the stage in public and virtual environments with events such as fairs, exhibitions, congresses, meetings, competitions, concerts and festivals.

The program is divided into two areas: management and on-stage. Management of Performing Arts Programme (MAP) focuses on the production of events such as fairs, exhibitions, congresses, meetings, competitions, concerts, festivals, and management of performing arts.

Performing Arts (PA) is under the MAP Program as a creative area that focuses on preparing and developing the contemporary performing artist notion that can be fed from different disciplines of performing arts.

By integrating the formation and communication knowledge and experience about the functioning of institutions and initiatives in the fields of theater, dance, opera, musical and performance arts, students can design their development according to their interests and abilities, from acting in front of the camera to experimental theater, stage supervisor, light design, festival and event production. It offers a range of courses ranging from touring.


* The Undergraduate Program in Performing Arts Management offers education in English and the program accepts students with Aptitude Test.