Program Structure

Some of the courses that are prominent in the programmes four year curricula are; Stage and Production Literacy, Theatre and Event Production, History of Cultural Institutions, Production Design, Event Management, Directing and Production, Stage and Lighting, Space and Logistics. 

 Students are given an applied education both with project and activities carried out within the department that focus on production and organization and with internships performed in professional environments. In addition to management and production, stage performers, actors and dancers of the future are equipped here with the qualifications necessary for contemporary staging methods. Targets include training performance artists, dancers, theatre and film actors, and artists who can work in creative, administrative or educative capacities across international platforms with their unique style of creativity and presentation. 

 Performing Arts Students who want to pursue a stage career can take a variety of courses ranging from Movement Techniques, Acting, Performance Studies, Creative Process, Breath, Voice and Speech, Bodies and Technologies etc.. Students can also take part in Body-based Art Workshops supervised by local or international instructors. 

 Students acquire the knowledge and ability necessary for practicing the profession in courses taught by a teaching staff composed of members from both public and private arts and cultural institutions, and also voluntary and other non-governmental or non-profit institutions and civilian society institutions. A close relationship with such institutions means that students have the chance to carry out extensive internships at various events such as Gülbaba Müzik, Performİstanbul, Kasa Galeri, Sinefilm, A Corner in the World, Kültür Limited, Sabancı Müzesi, Atölye, Akbank Sanat, Zorlu PSM, Pasion Turca, Yapı Kredi Kültür Merkezi, Marche Event, Borusan Contemporary, İKSV, İKSV Salon, the leading arts and cultural institutions of Istanbul and international institutions with Erasmus connections.

During their study, students can benefit from the Erasmus Exchange and bilateral exchange programs. For detailed information:  Facebook:

*The Program offer education in English language and accepts students through an interview and an audition.