Alumnis... Our ornament...

They were getting tired while designing new campaigns answering the real needs of communication for real advertisers. Now, they entered upon their career and make us smile with their success stories as fresh advertisers.

Our young colleagues raise the standart being a whole “advertising person” with great knowledge as a media planning specialist, purchasing specialist, research specialist in agencies or firms.

They had the chance to choose their way before graduation. The students who would like to improve themselves about “writing” are now copywriters in agencies. Some who were aiming to be “art director”, “commercial film producter”, “commercial photographer” improved themselves by taking visual classes. The “digital” students specialized on digital interactive communication design with the advantage of being a digital native. Our alumnis... Our young colleagues...  Wish you all the best in you future career..


Beril Maraloğlu BİLGİ Advertising 2011  Plasenta Conversation Agency, Strategist

To begin with, I waited for one year to make a university choice. After that, my only choice was BİLGİ Advertising. Thanks to its unique educational staff, every day that I spent in the school, I understood better how good my decision was. I had perfect friendships; we still meet with each other. 

In my third year, I went to London Middle Sex University, Marketing Communication Department with ERASMUS Exchange program. After the exchange program, I found infinite chances to develop myself both academically and professionally. 

BİLGİ Advertising provided me good education, connections, established diversity in my social environment, chances living abroad, and my first job which shaped who I am. Today I work in Plasenta Conversation Agency as a strategist of all the Coca-Cola brands. 

Thanks a lot BİLGİ Advertising!


Ari Koen BİLGİ Advertising / Business-Economics, 2012  Student at BİLGİ MA in Marketing Communication / Medina Turgul DDB - Copywriter

Graduating from Advertising and Economics - Management departments have opened more doors to me than I could imagine. 

I remember my first class in the advertising department, my heart beat was accelerated, so I decided to be an advertiser. After that, I always had full support of my professors. My department professors looked through my eyes, prepared me for the industry, and most importantly they always made me believe that I can do more and now I am working at one of country’s biggest advertising agencies. 


Çisil Akoğul BİLGİ Advertising, 2012 Concept – Account Executive

Being a part of BİLGİ Advertising was a milestone in my life. It changed and prospered my life like I have never imagined. As time passes by, I understand better how right my decision to choose BİLGİ Advertising is and how the decision creates opportunities for me. 

Taking classes from industries pioneers, meeting with incredible teachers and learning new things everyday were spectacular experiences. I am saying ‘experiences’ because our professors not only gave us lectures, but also took us into the industry’s backyard. Thanks to that, my transition to work life was very easy and swift. I am thankful to all of our teachers their assistants, who, without establishing a lecturer student relationship, told us everything in detail, supported us, gave us confidence, and believed in that we can make it.  

Thanks to well-known BİLGİ Advertising in industry, I found lots of internship opportunities. Shortly after I graduated, I found a job. I am glad that I choose BİLGİ University and the Advertising department!


Ayça Özmen BİLGİ Advertising,  2013  GroupM / MediaCom – Account Supervisor

If you plan to do something about communication and brands attracts your attention, as a member of BİLGİ Advertising Department you have the perfect combination. Rest is about combining your attention with the potential of BİLGİ Advertising.

While I was studying at BİLGİ, for me it was a productive and an entertaining atmosphere which I enjoyed being a part of it. 

Throughout our education, we found opportunities that were far beyond the ordinary theoretical knowledge. The education developed our practice and prepared us for the industry. When I graduated and started my career, I started one step ahead not only thanks to BİLGİ Advertising’s positive impression on the industry, but also 360 degree  perspective I gained from it. 

BİLGİ Advertising teaches and develops while you are living it.