Photography and Video

about program

Understood as a blend of chemistry and optics, photography has always involved a range of disciplines and knowhow. Furthermore, the technologies of photography have themselves generated new processes and raised new questions in the fields of art and design, in other cultural practices and in science. Throughout its history, the technologies of photography have thus been put to use in a variety of innovative ways, challenging traditional understandings of the arts, aesthetics and creativity as well as altering the paradigms and practices of communication excessively.

Since the advent of video and more recently of digital imaging, the uses of camera technologies have multiplied. Initiated by İstanbul Bilgi University Visual Communication Design Department in 2003, the Photography and Video Programme is designed to enable the exploration of camera media as communicators of new messages in the digital era. The Programme offers the opportunity for an exploration of the uses of photography and video in contemporary culture, with an emphasis on their roles in the developing fields of multimedia.

Through an extensive elaboration of photography and video practices across the cultural, social, aesthetical and commercial contexts, together with a comprehensive training in technical and practical skills that this field requires, the program serves as a preparation to the fields of professional photography and video, awaiting the students following their graduation.

The curriculum comprises fundamental topics principal to the fields of camera practices, such as perception, visual culture, history of photography and video, as well as advanced topics including digital video imaging techniques, music video, advertising photography, architectural photography, digital image processing, digital postproduction, large format photography, interactive video and broadcast design. In short, the programme emphasizes the development of student skills in all camera related practices.

* No new students will be accepted to this program.