Program Structure

Television Reporting and Programming bachelor’s degree consists of two main field of study. The first field aims to equip tomorrow’s television journalists with all professional skills in news analysis, production, writing and critical thinking, preparing them for an extremely competitive world. The second field aims to train tomorrow television programmers for the 21st century communication environment with fundamental skills and knowledge. Students learn all steps in the processes of television programme production, concept production, text writing, directing, editing, camera, sound, light design and application. Most of the courses are given by industry professional as lectures and workshops.

Since its first year, TVRP equips students with a strong theoretical basis in television and new media while providing the top quality applied education for them to take their places as professionals at the field of electronic media. Our students are given the opportunity to graduate as individuals who are ready for the professional world as they work with innovative post-production equipment, digital video cameras, and multi-cam television studios throughout their education. RadyoVesaire (RadioEtc.), which is sustained by the voluntary participation of our students, is one of the most active and creative college radios of Turkey. The “screen” of our faculty, RGB, is a YouTube channel on which students from our department produce and air programs. C-LAB is a multi-course, multi-subject academic media/communication platform where scientific rigor, knowledge, creative powers, skills, competences, and innovative intelligence of students, external stakeholders, C-Lab managers, technical and academic staff come together to imagine, plan and implement real projects.

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