Program Structure

The undergraduate English Language Teaching Program consists of courses that aim to increase the English proficiency level of the students and to provide them with the theoretical and applied background for foreign language teaching.

Students of  English Language Teaching Program can benefit from courses that are embedded in the curriculum from a variety of fields such as sociology, psychology, comparative literature, history, communication.

Students improve their proficiency level of English language during their four-year studies as well as they are taught the essentials of language teaching profession through in-class practices. 


English Level Requirement for English Language Teaching Program: Students are required to complete Level 6 at English Preparatory Program in order to start their first year studies. Or, it is necessary for students to receive a grade of 70 and above from the BİLET Stage 2 Exam (Exemption Exam) to begin their undergraduate studies.  For detailed information, click here.  

Prerequisite for training courses (ELT 401/ELT 402/ELT 406) in English Language Teaching Program: Students who have gained senior status (who are in their 7th semester) are required to have passed all ELT courses from the first and seceond year to be able to enroll their training courses.