General Information

Bilgi Language Programs offers several foreign language (LAN) courses to undergraduate students as elective courses. Modern Languages Program offers Italian, Spanish, German, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Laz Language, Turkish Sign Language with the aim of making students competent users of these languages as well as raising student awareness of different cultures and international communication.

Course Requirements

Materials: Students need to:

  • bring the coursebook/s the instructor requires
  • bring any materials the instructor places on reserve at the copy center or posted online.

Attendance: Students are expected to attend the classes regularly. Active participation in the classes is also important and it is always encouraged. Participation in face-to-face classes and in online tasks and activities is recorded regularly by the instructor and it has an important effect on the course overall passing grade. The process assessment implemented in these courses means assessing and grading all the studies of the student throughout the semester.

Participation: Participation is different from attendance. It requires:

  • contribution to class discussions and activities.
  • acting with academic courtesy and academic honesty.
  • bringing all the materials needed to class.
  • following Bilgi Learn pages regularly.

Bilgi Learn: Students need to carefully follow the announcements and materials provided through Bilgi Learn Pages. It is advised to check the Bilgi Learn pages at least a day before each class in order to follow weekly program and announcements.

Academic courtesy: Academic courtesy means acceptable behavior in an academic environment. In other words, students are expected to arrive to class on time, show respect to peers and instructor, and come to class prepared with the necessary materials. Moreover, students are responsible for following rules of classroom conduct in addition to university rules. Repeated violations will result in disciplinary action.

Academic honesty: Unethical behavior such as cheating and plagiarism will be officially recorded by the academic staff and reported to the Student Affairs Office which will result in disciplinary action and failing grade on the task or assignment. Plagiarism is claiming somebody else’s work as your own and it is students’ responsibility to credit work they have cited.

“Burden of Proof”: If the instructor doubts that a student has completed his or her work independently, it is the student’s responsibility to show that he or she completed the task on his or her own at each and every stage. Failure to provide evidence is grounds for receiving a failing grade on the assignment.

Assessment: These courses are assessed on quizzes, assignments (online and in-class) and participation.

* Please note that course requirements and assessment policies / procedures are subject to change based on student needs, profile, and the nature of the courses.

The table below table shows the letter grade scales for the overall course grade.

 Letter Grades:


95 – 100


90 – 94


85 – 89


80 – 84


75 – 79


70 – 74


65 – 69


60 – 64


55 – 59


50 – 54


0 – 49