Department Head Prof. L. Hilal Akgül

As the General Education Department, we aim to support the intellectual and academic development of our undergraduate students outside the field they are majoring, and to offer them a multidimensional learning experience that they can bond relationships with different disciplines.

For this purpose, our department offers elective courses that allow our students to complete at least 25 percent of the credits they receive during their major in different academic fields. These elective courses are provided in the fields of basic sciences, basic social studies, critical thinking and writing, arts, creativity, social responsibility and participation.

Considering that students have focused on the goal of being successful in the university entrance exam throughout their high school education, the content of general education courses that are inclusive of all disciplines and which arouses intellectual curiosity becomes even more important. Our department, which makes a significant contribution to our students in terms of benefiting the academic facilities of our University as much as possible, offers more than 70 courses, most of which are online, each semester.

Our department, which started to offer elective courses for various fields under the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences in 2009, gained an official status by YÖK in 2013-2014 Academic Year. From this date until 2020, Prof. Dr. Nurhan Yentürk held the Department Head position. Our department operates directly under the Rectorate.