About the Program

The MA Program in Cultural Management presents an interdisciplinary education that provides students with the opportunity to examine cultural structures and policies in both regional and international dimensions within their social, economic and political frameworks. The program helps students analyze the components of the culture industry and encourages to participate in academic and professional networks.

The Program is oriented not only toward candidates with prior academic and professional experience in the field of culture, but also to those who have begun work or research in this area. The aim of the Program is to provide the student with the ability to examine, discuss and develop creative approaches to the art and culture infrastructure and its institutions along with production and management in this sector, offering a wide perspective on cultural management, cultural policies, governance, civil society, the role of the culture sector in the global economy and research in the realm of culture management.

The main goal of the Program is to provide the students with the necessary tools to specialize in the areas of his/her choice by offering courses that emphasize the creative industries, public, private and civic cultural initiatives and investment, the cinema and music industries, museum, cultural heritage management and tourism and the Management of visual and performing arts.


The MA in Cultural Management with thesis is a two year program and MA in Cultural Management without thesis is 3 semesters.

The Program offers the choice of degree with thesis or with project. Program is in English.

The Program’s core and elective courses are conducted three days in the week from 17.00-21.00. Course days and hours are announced at the beginning of the semester.

Master's with Project

Students are entitled to work on their project after receiving the necessary consent to investigate a cultural institution of their choice or after choosing one with the supervision of the Program. In the second semester during the “Project Lab” students are expected to develop genuine propositions about the selected cultural institutions or field in the cultural sector related to topics such as organization, management models, policy, marketing and communication, audience development, accessibility and participation.

Students are expected to spend their third semesters by conducting research, observation and analysis in the institution and, at the end of the fourth semester, they present a comprehensive project report to the project jury.

Master's with Thesis

Students are entitled to work on their thesis in the second year of the Program after succesfully completing their first year courses. At the end of the fourth semester the students will defend their theses before a jury. The Cultural Management thesis consists of an original field study and/or original theory-based academic research.