Hande Çayır: Documentary as Autoethnography: A Case Study based on the Changing Surnames of Women (2016,  Advisor: Feride Çiçekoğlu)

Sercan Şengün: Research on the Narrative Perceptions and Preferences of Video Game Players (2016, Advisor: Selcen Öztürkcan)

Barika Göncü: The Creation of the Occupational Culture of Public Relations in Turkey Through Storytelling (2017, Advisor: Yonca Aslanbay)

Burcu Gümüş: Design Effects on Consumer Choices: A Study on Technological Products (2017, Advisor: Emine Eser Gegez)

Funda Lena: Cultural Consumption and Social Stratification:The Case of Turkey (2017, Advisor: Serhan Ada)

Sedef Erdoğan Giovanelli: Culinary Heritage in Turkey Cultural Policy, Official Practice and Online Representation of Food Culture (2017, Advisor: Erkan Saka)

Dilek Gürsoy: Transmedia Journalism Toolkit (TJT): A Design Thinking Guide to Creating Transmedia News Stories (2018, Advisor: Feride Çiçekoğlu)

Melike Özmen: Designer's Experience of a Place, Information Design as a Tool for Urban Interface (2018, Advisor: Feride Çiçekoğlu)

Umut Kısa: A Scaling/ Quantifying Project for Assessing Digital Skills in Participatory Culture: A Turkish Case (2018, Advisor: Erkan Saka)

Selime Büyükgöze:  Cinematic Strategies Against Silenced and Repressed Post: Formal Analysis of Unconventional Films from Turkey in the 2000s (2018, Advisor: Alper Kırklar)

Selin Öner: How Can the Sharing Economy Platforms, Particularly Crowdfunding Platforms, Facilitate Formation of Interpersonal and System Trust? (2018, Advisor: Erkan Saka)

Tuğba Yazıcı: How Does Fandom End? From Immersion to Dissolution: Ex-Fans and Unfans (2018, Advisor: Emine Eser Gegez)

Zeynep  Eren Kunt: Forum Theatre as A Participatory Communication Space for Dialogue, Collaboration and Solidarity (2018, Advisor: Nazan Haydari)

Ertuğrul Süngü: A Historical Approach to Gaming Subculture In Turkey (2019, Advisor: Erkan Saka)

Fatma Elif Sorkun: Developing Neighbor Collaboration: A Case Study (2019, Advisor: Aslı Tunç)

Müge Öztunç: The Interactions of Middle-Class Lifestyles Within the Context of Islamization in Turkey (2019, Advisor: Ahmet Suerdem)

Onur Sesigür: A Study of Personal Streaming Through Digital Curation (2019, Advisor: Aslı Tunç)

Serhat Akkılıç: Media Representation of AI: Cases Of US, UK, China and Turkey (2019, Advisor: Ahmet Süerdem)

Banu Yılmaz: Purpose Driven Co-Creational Public Relations Between Turkish NGOs and Corporations in the Context of Dialogic Theory (2020, Advisor: Yonca Aslanbay)

Can Koçak: The Figure of Intellectual in Nuri Bilge Ceylan Films: Phases of Representation from Silence to Over – Articulation (2020, Advisor: Feride Çiçekoğlu)

Sarper Durmuş: Commodification of Agency: Surplus Value Creation in Twitch (2020, Advisor: Halil Nalçaoğlu)

Can Zeren: An Ecology of Political Communication: Propaganda Geographies and Infrastructural Uproar in Istanbul (2021, Advisor: Serhan Ada)

Cüneyt Devrim: Effective Native Advertising Factors and Their Effect on Brand Attributes (2021, Advisor: Gresi Sanje)

Çağla Gül Şenkardeş: A Critical Discourse Analysis. Gendered Discourses within the Corporate Sustainability Context (2021, Advisor: Itır Erhart)

Gökhan Aslan: Beyond Digital Labour: A Theoretical Inquiry into Value and Abstraction in Communication (2021, Advisor: Aydın Uğur)

Işıl Eğrikavuk: From a Political Protest to an Art Exhibition: Building Interconnectedness Through Dialogue-based Art (2021, Advisor: Itır Erhart)