Students will be admitted for the Fall semester of 2017/2018 academic year. The Master's Program aims to provide students of diverse backgrounds a solid academic foundation geared towards conducting original research in the field of history with an emphasis on interdisciplinary methods and approaches. Application to the program is not limited to students with undergraduate degrees in history but is also open to those from related fields in the social sciences and humanities. International students are likewise strongly encouraged to apply. The program has been a successful international endeavor so far and further internationalization is a firm goal. Teaching and coursework are conducted in English.

The focus points of the master's program are the cultural, intellectual, economic and social history of the Ottoman Empire and Turkey covering the medieval to contemporary periods. Nevertheless this focus is neither a narrow nor a limiting one. Several members of the faculty have diverse fields of interest such as gender history, oral history, historical methodology and Indian history and are open to work on various subjects with graduate students The History Department at Istanbul Bilgi University offers a unique program both in terms of diverse and challenging coursework as well as research opportunities. With an emphasis on interaction with the teaching staff, the program encourages students to work in close collaboration with their advisors in both the classroom as well as on individual research projects.

It is possible to be admitted to the program as a special student if the student does not have the necessary documents such as the language exam or ALES records. 

Scholarships and tuition wavers are available.

Teaching Staff

Prof. Ayhan Aktar

Prof. Murat Belge

Prof. Suraiya Faroqhi

Prof. Jale Parla

Prof. Mete Tunçay

Prof. Bülent Bilmez

Assoc. Prof. Gülhan Balsoy

Assoc. Prof. Ferda Keskin

Assist. Prof. Murat Dağlı

Assist. Prof. Cihangir Gündoğdu

Assist. Prof. Başak Tuğ

Application deadline: TBA


  • All the applicants are required to submit their application files (including a statement of purpose explaining in academic terms their intention for applying the MA in History at İstanbul Bilgi University as well the intended subject of study-min. 750-max. 1500 words-) to the Secretariat of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities at santralistanbul by the 11th of August in order to be invited to the interviews.. 

Tel: 0090 444 0 428

Cihangir Gündoğdu  Faculty Member, PhD.