The Master of Arts in International Relations with a concentration on Regional Studies Program has two principle objectives. While students are given a solid foundation in the theory and practice of International Relations, they are given the opportunity to specialize in the politics of one of the four areas in Turkey’s neighborhood, namely

  • The Middle East (including the Eastern Mediterranean)
  • the wider area of Europe (including Western, Southern and Central Europe), and
  • the Caucasus

The curriculum is designed to reflect the principle objectives of the Program. Therefore, the Program offers courses in the theory of International Relations, Comparative and Regional Studies, and several elective courses, which focus on the four regions from an historical, comparative, and critical perspective.

As society and politics in Turkey’s neighborhood and Europe enter a new phase, it is expected that a new paradigm will emerge and there will be a greater need for well-trained experts. The program is intended to offer an advanced and specialized academic perspective, as well as practical knowledge, to those individuals who will become trained experts on regional issues and realities. Apart from providing an excellent infrastructure for future academics planning to work on different aspects of regional studies, the Program appeals to diplomats, journalists and government officials from the region and beyond.