Marketing program will prepare individuals to perform managerial functions in businesses and organization as senior manager or entrepreneur. 

The program welcomes applicants from different backgrounds, such as different areas of social sciences ,engineering and physical sciences. It is preferable that these candidates have taken undergraduate courses at least in basic management and economics. The program will be carried in advanced format of courses in different areas of marketing and has been designed so as the students can choose different elective courses in their area of interest. Enthusiastic and successful students may further their studies with the PhD program which will prepare them for teaching, research and investigation in academic world or non-academic research centers.  

Graduates of the program will be equipped with the skills to hold leadership in companies such as CMOs. The main aim of the program is to prepare the graduates with strategic marketing skills and enlarge their perspective in decision making processes to create competitive advantage for their companies. The globalization of companies have created the need for managers who have deep knowledge about the international business skills, with multicultural perspectives. Thus, the graduates will have the chance to become expatriate managers in different parts of the world.


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