Student Experiences

The new world order requires us leaders to have new skills that are out of the ordinary. Contrary to the patterns known in the past, organizational structures and the way of managing work and employees are now very different. The new world with its many variables and unpredictability tells us leaders to develop our digital knowledge and skills as well as our agility, resilience, adaptability and strategic thinking in order to manage successful organizations. İstanbul Bilgi University MBA program, which I completed in 2021, has a carefully designed educational content for the development of new talents and skills. It is very valuable that this content can be adapted to the current needs of the business world, as well as being taught by an expert academic staff with industry experience. I thank you for this successful education program.
Tuba Eşder Kengil, Alumnus of 2020-2021 Academic Year

During my MBA education at İstanbul Bilgi University, I had the chance to gain extensive knowledge and skills in strategic management, leadership, sales, marketing, finance, and product development. In this process, I gained great experience by learning to develop solution-oriented approaches to the complex challenges of the business world. I would like to express my sincere thanks to our esteemed professors who provided us with course content enriched with real-world examples and supported us in this valuable experience.
Eray Kurt, Alumnus of 2021-2022 Academic Year

I think that bilgiMBA program is a very important program that enables all employees, especially those who have a managerial vision in their career, to position themselves more accurately in business management and projects, and contribute to moving towards their goal more accurately together with their teammates. The fact that I have attended different courses in many areas that I want to improve has contributed a lot to me in my career. In my professional life, I use many approaches that I know or use without realizing it. I learned these approaches from different perspectives in the program by using them myself and I found that this has been very beneficial for both myself and my team. With the social network I established with my professors working in different sectors and my friends participating in the program, I saw that I could work in different fields and had the opportunity to take part in good projects. Thanks to bilgiMBA program, I brought very valuable colleagues to my team and encouraged them to participate in the program. In addition, I was very pleased to participate as a speaker in some courses after I completed the program and share my experiences with other friends. In all the interviews I made, especially after receiving my diploma, I saw that bilgiMBA program is a program that creates value and difference in business life.
Cem Diken, Alumnus of 2018-2019 Academic Year

İstanbul Bilgi University MBA program is an experience that I can proudly talk about everywhere. In addition to the transfer of academic knowledge, I have recently started to realize more and more the skills with which the program has equipped me within the framework of projects, studies, and discussions carried out with its experienced staff. I can easily say that bilgiMBA program has been the most effective experience that has shaped my career to this day. The educational content is very comprehensive, MBA office is very caring, the faculty members are very transparent and sincere. We are still in contact with many of our professors and they continue to share their valuable knowledge with us. MBA at BİLGİ is prestigious.
Can a working mother of 2 children do an MBA? She can if she is at 'BİLGİ.’
Melike Köksal, Alumnus of 2019-2020 Academic Year

I am a graduate of İstanbul Technical University’s Department of Mathematics Engineering. I graduated from İTU by acquiring a real engineering perspective. After I worked in the field of IT for a few years, I wanted to gain experience in business management. For this reason, I became a part of bilgiMBA Program. In this way, I realized that very different concepts other than engineering were quite important in organizations. This awareness provided me with a very different point of view and my MBA experience helped me quite a lot in the professional life. While I used to look at things from a purely technical aspect prior to MBA, I have begun to see the different dimensions after MBA.
Kerem Şenler, Alumnus of 2012-2013 Academic Year

My studies at bilgiMBA provided me with the essential foundation for the line of business that I was focused on and especially for the management of my own company.
Arda Kutsal, Alumnus of 2006-2007 Academic Year