Physiotherapy and rehabilitation is a professional health science branch that deals with the protection and maintenance of health, as well as the prevention, evaluation, treatment, and management of movement and functional disorders of the human body. The work carried out in this field is largely aimed at improving individuals' quality of life, preserving their independence, and helping them maintain their daily life activities, primarily in acute and chronic conditions.

Today, physiotherapy and rehabilitation science is gaining increasing importance, particularly due to the aging population, the prevalence of chronic diseases, sports injuries, accidents, and similar reasons that result in frequent movement and functional disorders. As a result, the need for physiotherapists and even specialized physiotherapists is increasing. It is an important professional responsibility to stay current and adhere to science in professional practice, based on scientific practice and the most effective evidence, in order to provide high-quality treatment and rehabilitation services. The most important stakeholder of this responsibility will be postgraduate education programs in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, which shape and develop today's physiotherapy. Pursuing a master of science degree offers individuals career and professional development opportunities. Master of Science programs provide physiotherapists with advanced knowledge and skills, as well as a scientific perspective in critical thinking and clinical decision-making processes. In addition, a master of science degree may enable graduates to pursue careers as leading academicians, researchers, and science experts in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

In conclusion, physiotherapy and rehabilitation science hold a valuable place in human health. Due to the increasing number of individuals working in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, pursuing a master's degree in this field can position graduates competitively in the industry. The main goal of İstanbul Bilgi University's Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Master of Science Program is to train physiotherapists as health professionals and science experts who possess advanced and evidence-based knowledge and skills in physiotherapy and rehabilitation, have the ability to organize scientific physiotherapy programs for different patient groups, conduct research and scientific studies, and exhibit ethical behavior.

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