Program Structure

PhD Program in Political Science is designed to prepare its students to be employed in various positions in public sector and research oriented civil society organizations along with an academic career. Focusing primarily on the sub-fields of political thought, comparative politics, Turkish politics, international relations and political methodology, the program is open to students from other academic disciplines and inter-disciplinary studies. Due to the scope, variety and accessibility of the faculty members, the program offers a high-quality academic working environment in different fields of interest in political science.  

Prior to the comprehensive exams, the program includes compulsory courses related to the five sub-fields, elective course along with seminar courses that provide a one-on-one study with faculty members. Successful completion of the comprehensive exams is followed by the process of dissertation writing. Colloquia and presentations opportunities organized for PhD students at different stages contributes to the enhancements of their academic experiences. During their doctoral studies, the students are expected to present at least two national or international academic papers, publish one article in a national or international peer-reviewed journal and/or publish a book chapter in a book published by a publisher approved by the department in their fields of research.

The program, taking between five to six years to complete, offers scholarship opportunities at varying rates for successful students