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Program Structure

The Political Science Ph.D. Program at Istanbul Bilgi University is designed to prepare advanced students to academic career. We offer an academic atmosphere of high quality in the subfields of international relations, political theory, comparative politics and Turkish politics. The mark of the program is the variety, breadth and availability of academic staff who are committed to provide a strong academic background to Ph.D. students. The first stage of the program involves compulsory courses on each of the subfields as well as individualized, customized tutorials to enhance students' expertise on specific subjects. Having finished the coursework and comprehensive exams, students proceed to the dissertation-writing stage. The program pays special attention to provide a rich academic experience to Ph.D. students and part of that effort shows itself in series of seminars and colloquia among Ph.D. students themselves, who are at various stages of the program. Regularly students are expected to graduate in five or six years. Scholarships are available.

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