Acting Department Head Gaye Kepiç

From a broad perspective, Architecture and Urban Planning is a multidisciplinary professional field investigating and evaluating the physical and social dimensions of space with all the elements and problems that it brings to today and steers its development by producing future-oriented economic, political, functional, social, and physical designs.

The profession of planning and planning studies have begun with the intention of avoiding disasters at present day but it has been presented and perceived as an instrumental occupation focused on urban renewal, which conducts activities in line with the aim of increasing the exchange value of urban spaces. The duties of defending the public good, social values, universal urban planning, and scientific rights, which are the fundamental motto of the profession, continue to be urban planners’ social duties. 

By considering the scope of the urban planning discipline and the discipline of planning at present day, curriculum and course contents of the program are frequently revised and enriched with new concepts and practices. The curriculum of the two-year associate degree program offered by İstanbul Bilgi University Architecture and Urban Planning Department has been arranged in the form of theoretical courses and planning studios. Theoretical courses present the universal concepts and principles of planning field and also provide the students with the knowledge and skills that they will use in their professions upon graduation. 

Since its foundation in 2015 to provide associate degree education, İstanbul Bilgi University Architecture and Urban Planning Department admits students both in formal education and evening education capacity. With its highly qualified large academic staff, the Department supports other disciplines’ programs that are related to Architectural Restoration Program.