Dialysis Evening Education

about program

Renal failure is becoming an increasingly common condition both in the world and in Turkey. "Dialysis technicians" are health technicians who provide information to patients and caregivers about dialysis, prepare dialysis machine for use, connect the patient to the dialysis machine and follow-up the vital functions of the patient during the dialysis process, and provide both the patient and family with consultancy services including care and nutrition recommendations. Those who wish to become "Dialysis Technicians" should have a philanthropic heart and a passion for their job, be interested in mechanical equipment, and have a tolerant, careful and inquisitive nature and keep up with the developments and up-to-date scientific publications in the field.

In parallel to theoretical education, our students also gain the required knowledge and skills in our fully-equipped dialysis laboratory having sufficient number of dialysis machines under the guidance of our expert staff.

Graduates of the Dialysis Program have the chance to transfer to Nursing and Nursing and Health Services departments of various universities with the Vertical Transfer Examination (VTE).

The medium of instruction is Turkish.