First and Emergency Aid Evening Education

about program

Accidents and injuries are among the top causes of death. Our First and Emergency Aid Program aims to raise "Emergency Medical Technicians" who can provide emergency medical care in accordance with the directions of 112 command center, carry patients to the hospital upon intravenous and intraosseous inventions, can administer emergency medicines and liquids determined by the Ministry, can carry out basic and advanced airway procedures according to the condition of the patient, can provide trauma stabilization for patients with trauma, can transport patients using appropriate transportation techniques, perform EKG testing and assess cardiovascular system and carry out defibrillation, subject patients to monitorization, can provide assistance during child birth in emergency situations, keep the ambulance ready in terms of technical aspects and medical equipment, tools and materials, and who can use the communication network correctly and fast during all stages of their tasks and who will work at emergency units and ambulances.

Our students gain adequate theoretical knowledge and the required skills under the guidance of our expert staff in our fully-equipped ambulance and implementation laboratory.

Graduates of the First and Emergency Aid Program have the chance to transfer to Nursing and Nursing and Health Services departments of various universities with the Vertical Transfer Examination (VTE).

The medium of instruction is Turkish.