Pathology Laboratory Techniques (Evening Education) *

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Laboratory technicians employed in the industry used to be divided into two categories until 2014: Medical Laboratory Technicians and Pathology Laboratory Technicians. Pursuant to the "Regulations on the Tasks and Job Descriptions of Healthcare Professionals and Other Professionals Working in Health Services" issued by the Ministry of Health in 2014, the two positions of ‘Medical Laboratory Technician and Pathology Laboratory Technician" were combined in a single position. In accordance with the legal regulations, İstanbul Bilgi University added the courses which aim to equip graduate students with the knowledge and skills needed by "Medical Laboratory Technicians" to the curriculum of Pathology Laboratory Techniques Program, increasing the employment opportunities for the program's graduates.

"Medical Laboratory and Pathology Technicians" are health technicians who are in charge of performing necessary procedures until human and animal tissues and fluids are made ready for microscopic examination, using the state-of-the art technology towards this end, and performing the medical analyses deemed appropriate by physicians in diagnosis and treatment laboratories of health institutions.

Our students gain the required occupational knowledge and skills in our laboratory featuring the equipment used in medical laboratories and pathology laboratories, which mainly include microscope, tissue processing device, staining device, microtome, incubator and centrifuge under the guidance of our expert staff.

Medical laboratory and pathology technicians are usually employed by state-owned or private hospitals, private pathology and histology laboratories, forensic medicine institutes and test laboratories.

Graduates of the Pathology Laboratory Techniques Program have the chance to transfer to undergraduate programs of Biology, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Biotechnology, Biotechnology and Molecular Biology, Genetics and Bioengineering, Bioengineering, Nursing and Nursing and Health Services of various universities with the Vertical Transfer Examination (VTE).

The medium of instruction is Turkish.

* No new students will be accepted to this program.