Student Testimonials

  • Amul En Manek Bugti

    MA in Human Resources Management & e-MBA

    One of the best days of my life was when I was accepted to İstanbul Bilgi University to pursue my Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management. It was a life-changing opportunity that introduced me to wonderful people who later became my best friends. The professors provided impactful education with excellence, and the administrative staff members were always welcoming and helpful. This overall contributed to my beautiful journey of success. Studying at İstanbul Bilgi University has opened doors to great professional opportunities after graduation. I have had the privilege of starting my own business, which has always been a dream of mine. It has allowed me to apply what I learned during my masters effectively. Additionally, I completed my e-MBA at BİLGİ to further strengthen my knowledge and expertise in the field. To students who are unsure about their career path or are hesitant in choosing among the various programs İstanbul Bilgi University offers, I encourage you to take advantage of the helpful staff at the university. They will provide the necessary assistance for you to make a wise decision. In conclusion, studying at İstanbul Bilgi University and living in Turkey has been an absolute pleasure. I will forever cherish the memories and be grateful for the experience.

  • Roba Ghanayem

    Department of Psychology

    When I first landed in Turkey, I neither spoke the language nor did I know anyone aside from my cousin who was coming to study with me. Four years later, I almost speak fluent Turkish, have close friends from all over the world, great relationships with many professors whom I consider mentors for life, and a place that I could call home.
    Now, almost a year after graduation, I am still attached to the places, the people, and the memories that have all truly shaped who I am today and who I will be my whole life. Living in Turkey has never made me feel like a stranger. It is a place that is inclusive and dynamic, which makes anyone fit in easily and smoothly. Being a BİLGİ alumni has offered me so many opportunities in terms of both profession and further education. I was offered a place for every master program that I have applied to all around Europe and the USA. I advise any BİLGİ student to spend as much time as possible on campus, it is the place where you’ll miss the most after graduation. Besides, explore, wander, and tour the city while focusing on your studies, make the most of the few years you spend here, make the most of your memories and come out with the best grades.

  • Syeda Marzia Esha Raza


    My personal journey as a Pakistani student at İstanbul Bilgi University has been nothing short of transformative, marked by invaluable experiences, academic growth, and the pursuit of a global perspective. At the heart of this journey was the exceptional academic environment at BİLGİ. The carefully curated curriculum encouraged me to explore various fields while nurturing my passions. The dedicated faculty fostered an environment of intellectual curiosity and critical thinking, empowering me to delve into subjects I had only dreamed of studying. This academic freedom broadened my knowledge and honed my analytical skills, setting the stage for personal and professional success. Yet, what truly defined my experience was the diverse community of students that filled the campus. BİLGİ's commitment to inclusivity and multiculturalism was palpable. Engaging in discussions, projects, and group activities with peers from varied cultural backgrounds offered a unique opportunity to challenge my perspectives and broaden my understanding of global issues.
    Yet, amidst the growth and camaraderie, I did face challenges. The language barrier sometimes presented difficulties in fully immersing myself in conversations and class discussions. While the university provided language support, there were moments when articulating my thoughts or understanding nuanced concepts became an obstacle. However, these challenges taught me patience, perseverance, and the importance of seeking help when needed.
    Central to my journey at BİLGİ was the exceptional guidance and mentorship of Assoc. Prof. Pınar Yıldırım, who played an instrumental role in shaping my academic experience. As my thesis advisor and a source of inspiration, Professor Yıldırım’s teaching style in marketing courses transcended traditional boundaries. Beyond her teaching prowess, Professor Yıldırım's unwavering support during the thesis process has been truly remarkable. Her guidance throughout the research stages was invaluable, providing me with insights, suggestions, and the encouragement needed to overcome challenges.
    Bringing my international MBA degree back to Pakistan has proven to be a transformative step in my career. The skills I acquired at BİLGİ have provided a solid foundation for my role as a creative individual. The global perspective gained from interacting with students from diverse backgrounds has helped me approach challenges with an open mind and innovative solutions. My education has not only enhanced my creative abilities but has also equipped me with a business acumen that is highly valued in today's competitive job market. Reflecting on my journey, I am deeply grateful for the transformative experiences, the lessons learned from overcoming language barriers, and the strong support network I found at BİLGİ.

  • Syeda Farwa Mehr Raza Rızvı


    My journey as an international student in İstanbul Bilgi University has been nothing short of transformative. Arriving in a strange country was initially overwhelming, but over time, it became a second home to me. This place became my academic haven, where I pursued my MBA in Finance.
    The most incredible aspect has been the people I've met – lifelong friendships were forged with fellow students, both local and international. Together, we navigated the challenges of coursework and language barriers, supporting each other every step of the way.
    Immersing myself in Türkiye's rich culture was an unforgettable adventure. The history that breathes through every corner of Istanbul fascinated me.
    Now, as I reflect on my time in Türkiye, the memories I've made, the lessons I've learned, and the connections I've established are priceless souvenirs that will stay with me, no matter where life takes me next.

  • Tsnim Jalo

    Energy Systems Engineering

    I can still remember my first steps into İstanbul Bilgi University and the feeling that I had at that time. During the four years I spent at BİLGİ, I had so many different experiences and friendships. Other than that, I improved my Turkish and became fluent in it. I had many opportunities through my studies at BİLGİ that helped me find internships and a place in a master's program. Of course, I won’t forget how my dear professors always supported us and showed us the right path during our studies. As a BİLGİ alumni, I advise every international student who is willing to study at BİLGİ to spend time on campus as much as possible, focus on their studies, and always take the opportunity when they have it.