Student Testimonials

  • Andrea Vaca

    Santa Fe University Art and Design, Photography
    Spring 2010 Laureate Exchange

    I was truly impressed with depth of my instructors’ knowledge. My learning experience at BİLGİ was top notch! When I was at BİLGİ, I felt that I have people to help me whenever I needed it. Transportation to and from the campuses was very easy and I should also mention the good internet access. My overall experience at BİLGİ is one that I will remember forever.

  • Andrea Villanueva Sotomayor

    Universidad Del Valle De Mexico, International Relations
    Spring 2011 Laureate Exchange

    What I like most about BİLGİ are the courses, the instructors, the attention and support I received there but most of all being able to acquire knowledge from a different perspective.

  • Ariana Christine Lombardi

    Santa Fe University Art and Design, Creative Writing
    Spring 2011 Laureate Exchange

    I had the chance to meet people from all over Europe and experience university life in another country.

  • Arthur Henrique De Souza Pascoal

    Universidade Anhembi Morumbi, Communication
    Fall 2011 Laureate Exchange

    Merhaba arkadaşlar!
    My name is Arthur Souza. I am Brazilian and I am here to share some of my greatest experiences during my Laureate exchange at İstanbul Bilgi University. First of all, I’d like to thank the entire International Center for the support, sympathy and commitment in helping me with all the bureaucratic, social and emotional issues through the semester I spent in this wonderful place called İstanbul. I was looking for an exotic place whose history, culture and people could make me think more about life and myself. So I decided to study at BİLGİ, where you must really study hard but there is always some time to enjoy the lovely İstanbul atmosphere.

    Things I will never forget:

    • The way in which I learned how to handle being alone, gradually enlarging my self-knowledge –something I had never done before,
    • The rides through the old churches, neighborhoods, huge mosques, bazaars and malls
    • The everyday crossing from Europe to Asia and vice versa –by sea
    • The fantastic cuisine! Doner kebab, durum, ayran, balıklar, simit, borek, pide, lokum, dondurma, baklava… Yes, I remember all their tastes!
    • The Turkish hospitality -especially at the university campus.

    For me, İstanbul is the very best place for those who are trying to get away from their routine, looking for an exotic and new adventure. One day as I was on top of a building in Turkey at night, I suddenly brought up a phrase, which I’d like you to remember: You don’t choose İstanbul; İstanbul chooses you. Special thanks to Ms. Sibel Tulpar - Laureate Exchange Programs coordiantor and Güney Köse – my buddy and roommate.

  • Kelly Carver

    ESCE, Business
    Fall 2011 Laureate Exchangem

    As an exchange student at İstanbul Bilgi University from September 2011 to January 2012, I enjoyed my experience both as a student and as a person. Campus, classes, library, sport facilities and student activities are among the best things that I can tell about BİLGİ. There I met wonderful and resourceful people -academic staff and students- and established great friendships too. I discovered the city of İstanbul and developed myself both personally and professionally. I had a wonderful experience and I would recommend it to any international student.

  • Yazmin Obregon

    Universidad del Valle de México (UVM), International Relations
    Fall 2011 Laureate Exchange

    BİLGİ was a great experience for me. The university by itself has everything you might need from good food at the cafeteria to a swimming pool. However, what really makes it special are the people you find in it! I always found the help that I needed right next to me. Anyone -from the cafeteria staff to BİLGİ students was ready to help me. At BİLGİ, I had many excellent instructors from whom I learned a lot. I had Political Economy classes on the top floor of Dolapdere Campus where I always enjoyed the İstanbul sunset over the mosques, while listening to our professor Ömer Turan. Coming from México, I found the History of the Middle East classes that Gencer Özcan offered fascinating. All of my classes at BİLGİ had a different approach that let me appreciate other points of view. My advice for BİLGİ students would be to get in touch with international students. It is not only a way to broaden your horizons but also to practice your English. I found that everyone was very kind and welcoming, always trying to lend a hand in whatever was needed. My adaptation to the school was extremely easy thanks to my coordinator, Sibel Tülpar. Coming from Laureate exchange program I did feel that I was being taken care of which made the whole experience unforgettable!

  • See Yin Tan

    INTI Colleges, Business/Marketing &Management
    Fall 2011 Laureate Exchange

    Undoubtedly, one of the good decisions I have made in my life is to study abroad at one of the best universities in İstanbul: BİLGİ. I was amazed by the campus facilities, the variety of courses offered to international students, qualified academicians, the university atmosphere, on-time and frequent shuttle buses and I had a great time studying at BİLGİ. On top of that, the experience would never be this nice without the help of the friendly staff, especially Sibel, who is not just a consultant but a helpful friend, a caring sister. Thank you Laureate, for giving me this precious chance of an unforgettable experience. Çok teşekkür ederim!