As BİLGİ Talent, we are supporting our students to develop career awareness and prepare for the professional world. We are engaging with our students through numerous different ways from individual career consultancy, to workshops and educational classes with the focus on career development and competence.

• Talent and Career Development Consultancy: You can direct your confused students and in need of support. The earlier they start seeking for and learning about their career options, the more conscious they will get when it comes to the decision-making stage and the more possible it will be for them to make their choices.

• CV Preparation and Rehearsal Interviews: The most critical point of any job search process is CV preparation and subsequent job interviews. We are preparing our students for such process. We are providing this service through training and on-by-one sessions.

• BİLGİ Career Days: Career Days are annual comprehensive events organized by Career Center in coordination with faculties and student groups. Companies can meet with students, represent themselves, make initial contacts for their available positions via these events .

• Collaborations with Sectors and Internship/Job Possibilities: The Career Center is helping our students by working in close relations with employees and announcing the possibilities of internship and employment. You can direct your connections with the sector to us as well.

We would like to support our students in their career paths together with you esteemed lecturers and we would like to work together with you. We will be very pleased to have your comments and suggestions on all our services below and to work together with you. 

BİLGİ Talent

İstanbul Bilgi University santralistanbul Campus, ÇSM Z110