Talent Development and Internship Coordination Office

Talent Development and Career Consultancy: With the support of the inventories; which helps you to realize your strengths and development fields, we provide you with our one on one consultancy/coaching sessions in order to support you with career planning, help prepare for job interviews and to distinguish your future goals. To get an appointment: Click here!

Individual and Professional Development Certification Programs: Based on BILGI’s ‘’Learning for life, not for school’’ motto, we offer trainings which contribute to the development and preparation of professional life and will shed light on your future goals. Click here for current programs.

Sectoral Meetings: We host companies from different sectors at our campus to enable you to acknowledge the business world, listen to sectoral trends and their career journeys straight from the professionals themselves, and also provide the opportunity for networking for possible job positions and internships. We organize the most comprehensive BILGI Talent Fest (Career Days) at BILGI in March each year.

Job and internship opportunities: We provide internship and job opportunities by bringing students and employers from more than 1000 institutions and different sectors together, which are members of the BILGITalent Platform (click here to login). It is going to be sufficient to sign in the platform and upload your CV.