Program Structure

The curriculum of Undergraduate Program of Architecture, which accepted its first students in 2010, was built on the multidimensional and multi-actor structure of architectural design. Our initial education model, which was created upon parallel design and technical studios, has evolved into an integrated education model within the framework of the dynamics and requirements of the Anthropocene period along with the awareness of the multi-layered and inclusive sectional structure of this concept.

In addition to design studios, technical studios, compulsory history and theory courses, we offer a rich curriculum structure to our students with many elective courses on various architectural specialization areas, in addition to those providing interdisciplinary frameworks.

Our production laboratory within the body of our Faculty, which can be used both under the leadership of our instructors for the relevant courses, and also at the discretion of our students, supports both the design studios and other courses offered in our curriculum.

Our undergraduate students can continue their classes at schools in Europe for short periods by making use of Erasmus protocols – if their applications are accepted, or they can also take courses from the Architectural Design Master's Program and the History, Theory, and Criticism of Architecture Master's Programs within the Department of Architecture and if they wish, after their graduation, they can continue to study in these graduate programs with various advantages.