About the Program

The goal of BİLGİ Bioengineering undergraduate program is to train engineers who can create, adapt, integrate, and spread knowledge in biology, biotechnology, and bioinformatics; be inclined to creative teamwork; possess abilities regarding analytical thinking and sytematic approaches in addition to ethical values; and are conscious of human health and environment with a high intellectual and scientific deposit.

Our students will learn basic engineering principles to analyze biological mechanisms and systems through an engineering perspective. Among the goals of the program are designing new technologies for biological systems and processes and use such technologies in areas like medicine, agriculture, environment, and food.

We provide a broad and flexible curriculum enabling students to choose from a diverse list of areas for specialization. These areas cover a wide range of industrial and scientific spectrum such as computational analysis of life sciences data (e.g. DNA sequencing, gene finding, drug design, etc.), production of functional foods based on genomic effect of nutrients, benefitial recycling of environmental waste, biofuel production, biomedical signal and image processing.