Teaching Labs

Department of Genetics and Bioengineering has 5 main laboratories including Biology, Genetics, Chemistry, Biotechnology I/ Tissue Culture and Biotechnology II/ Protein Engineering Laboratories. The experiments conducted in the teaching laboratories are designed  in accordance with the curriculum and provide our students the opportunity to practice about the basic information they gain with the theoretical courses. Laboratory safety training is given to the students who experience the wet lab for the first time. All of our labs are supported with the necessary safety precautions and are equipped with computers as well as audio-visual hardware.

Genetics Laboratory The laboratory practices for the courses Genetics Engineering 1 and Genetic Engineering 2 are performed in Genetics Laboratory of Genetics and Bioengineering Department. The lab has a capacity of 24 students.

Biotechnology I/ Cell Culture Laboratory Biotechnology I laboratory is provided  with all the equipment necessary for cell culture research. Our students can use this lab during the experimental practices of their senior design projects.

Biotechnology II/ Protein Engineering Laboratory Students who are conducting experiments for their senior design projects can use the Protein Engineering laboratory of our department.

Biology Laboratory Biology Laboratory of the Genetics and Bioengineering Department is located in ÇSM Building. In our lab, experimental applications are conducted for Biology, Microbiology, Cell Biology and Molecular Biology courses. The lab has a capacity of 24 students and all equipment necessary for the courses is provided.

Chemistry Laboratory Chemistry laboratory of Bioengineering and Genetics Department is used effectively to meet the basic engineering needs of all the engineering faculty students as well as for the laboratory practices of Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry courses of our students.