Department of Child Development

about department

Acting Department Head Didem Elitez Faculty Member, PhD

In the 21st century, child development is one of the scientific fields that attract utmost attention, both from scientists and the general public. The Department of Child Development was founded under the School of Health Sciences in 2015-2016 at İstanbul Bilgi University. Healthy development and sense of well-being of a child is not only under families’ responsibility but also under society’s responsibility. The primary objective of the Department is to educate professionals who will provide guidance, counseling and research services in this important scientific field.

The aim of the Child Development Department is to educate child development experts who have capacity to evaluate mental, motor, self-care, social and emotional developmental area of the children in the 0-18 age group, both normally developing and requiring special education, under risk or in need of special care and protection. Additionally, developing education and support programs appropriate for children’s personal characteristics is another task of a child development expert. Child development experts conduct research, develop and carry out scientific projects involving children, families, educators and society. Child development experts can be employed in, inter alia, education, health and social service sectors.