The climate crisis that we have been experiencing and its concomitant disasters painfully remind us that we, as human beings, have to reconsider our relations with the nature. Technology has a profound impact on our entire lives and the ways we relate. As individuals, our way of communicating, our disposal on our personality traits, and our work relations have been changing rapidly. A parallel universe (metaverse), so to speak, is created with technology, and the relations within this universe take shape accordingly. These days when we draw on the opportunities presented by technology with admiration without knowing its long-lasting outcomes, the issue of how our individual rights and freedoms will be secured confronts us as a substantial problem. The gap between the increasingly technical normative order and the difficulties in its implementation and our expectations from law as individuals and society points to a period during which we need to reflect on law very carefully.

During this great transformation period, it is of great significance that we accurately describe the interests behind the norm, accurately identify the effects of this norm on social life, and implement this norm in a manner befitting for its purpose so as to secure our individual rights and freedoms. To that end, the jurists of the future need a law education through which they will not only understand the current law and practice but will also grasp the interests beyond the norm, the historical development of the normative structure, and furthermore the human-nature relation and technology, and evaluate them by adopting an integrative perspective.

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