In addition to the main and primary objective of preparing students for teaching and research positions in academic institutions, PhD in Business Administration-Marketing aims to add new knowledge and experience to the academic literature by teaching effective research methods together with solid theoretical knowledge in the field of marketing. In addition to this, it provides research and academic studies within the scope of the problems that will provide new openings to the business world. In order to graduate from the Marketing track of PhD in Business Administration, it is necessary to be successful in written and oral exams following the completion of eight courses. The thesis to be prepared after the doctorate must be completely original. The doctoral thesis is expected to bring innovation to science, develop a scientific method or apply a known method in a new and different field. The completion period of doctoral courses is four semesters. There are six core and two elective courses in the program. Students who successfully complete a total of eight courses are eligible to take the doctoral qualifying exam. Students who successfully complete the qualifying exam, which consists of written and oral stages, qualify to write a doctoral thesis.