Workshops and Seminars

BILGI Organization Studies doctoral program organizes many workshops and seminars each academic term. This gives students a chance to meet with prominent academic figures such as Martin Parker, Karen Phalet, Peter B. Smith, Bryane Michael, Amalya Oliver and so on. The workshops, launched in 2004 in connection with the PhD Program, are designed to serve three main goals: creating an international platform for scholars and graduate students, fostering the development of cross-cultural research, and expanding knowledge on the Turkish case. KYO stands for Kültür, Yönetim ve Organizasyon (Culture, Management and Organization) in Turkish and covers topics in culture, management, and organization. The TARA series (Consumer Studies) is designed to host a wide range of topics falling under consumer research and marketing research, with equal emphasis on the qualitative versus quantitative approaches. VISTA series emphasizes emerging topics in applied and social sciences.

  • Joseph Lampel, "Strategy Research", 15.09.2009.
  • Amalya Oliver, "Social Networks and Organizations Workshop", 15.09.2009.
  • Slavoj Zizek Workshop, 20.11.2009.
  • Rafael Alcadipani da Silveira, "Management in Brazil", 29.04.2010.
  • Jörg Nowak, "The Feminism of the Middle Classes", 11.04.2011.