About the Program

Turkey, in view of its social and political life as well as its geopolitical position, is a country that participates in or has connections with stimulating developments in all areas of public law. Globalization and its role on the transformation of domestic public law order or its resistance against this fact, the attempts and actions towards the redesign of the constitutional system, regional security issues, regional endeavors at democratization and the discussions brought by the concepts of law and order in relation to both individual rights and democratic regime present various problems to be discussed in the context of publiclaw. PhD Program in Public Law aims to provide  a public law formation oriented for academic creativity and innovation through a critical thinking approach.

PhD in Public Law Program consists of eight courses, one mandatory seminar course and seven electives.After the completion of doctoral coursework and succeeding in the doctoral qualifying examination, doctoral candidates write a doctoral dissertation on a subject chosen after consulting with academic supervisors. Doctoral program is completed by the successful public defense of the doctoral thesis. In case the doctoral candidate or the academic advisor finds it necessary, the candidate may take courses from other doctoral programs within the University. PhD in Public Law courses will take place in İstanbul Bilgi University santralistanbul Campus.

For more detailed information about our University, you can fill out the form or contact Graduate Admissions Office (graduate@bilgi.edu.tr / 0212 311 7667)