Concentration Areas

The graduate program with thesis has been designed to allow students to choose from two separate areas of concentration in accordance with their needs.

In case a student both successfully completes the program by successful completion of the courses listed under the respective concentration, this situation is documented separately.



As part of this concentration, students will gain the necessary knowledge and skills they will need in order to work for domestic and international NGOs or to be a part of any common or singular project realized by these NGOs. This concentration area can be conducted either by completing or not completing a thesis.

The following courses are recommended for this concentration:

- Project Development and Proposal Writing Techniques

- Advocacy and Policy Influencing

- Organization Theory and Organizational Management

- Local and International Fundraising for NGOs

- Innovative Practices in Civil Society I and II

- Collaboration With Volunteers and Management of Human Resources

- Impact Measurement and Evaluation



The purpose of this concentration area is to help students that wish to conduct academic studies in the area of civil society studies. This concentration area is only available for students of the Thesis program. The students will have the chance to concentrate on a particular area of study that they are interested in. As part of the program, the students will be equipped with the necessary understanding and skills, complete their thesis studies, and be able to enroll in a PhD program either at home or abroad thanks to their knowledge.

The following courses are recommended for this concentration:

- Civil Society Theory I and II

- Research Methods in Civil Society Studies

- Organization Theory and Organizational Management

- Advocacy and Policy Influencing

- Social Movements and Social Policies

- Seminar

- Graduate Thesis