Department of Visual Auditory Techniques and Media Productions

about department

The world of communication is constantly recreating and redefining its forms and frontiers. The students of this department produce content not via simulation, but with real-life experience in a real setting. The students work as reporters, editors, directors and producers within the university. In the belief that there is no better education than real life, Department of Visual, Auditory Techniques and Media Production offers its students environments in which they can bring about changes to the media sector and create new careers.

The aim of the department’s two programs (Radio and Televison Programming, Photography and Videography) is to provide our students with the technical and theoretical principles of current issues in televison and photography fieldworks so as to educate qualified professionals for the media industry. The curriculum comprises fundamental topics definitive of the fields of camera practices, such as perception, visual culture, photographic and video histories, television analysis and mass media theories.