What Should Be Your Mutual Expectations?

Before your first meeting with your mentor, think about what you expect from this work. Doing this on your own will enable you to freely think about your needs without being affected by your mentor. Some examples as to what mentors and mentees expect are provided below.


The expectations of a Mentor from a Mentee

  • Being aware of his/her own expectations
  • Being loyal to team work
  • Being trustworthy
  • Being responsible
  • Being sincere and honest
  • Being eager and communicating this enthusiasm
  • Taking initiative and being proactive

The expectations of a Mentee from a Mentor

  • Providing guidance and directions
  • Suggesting sources
  • Introducing workplaces
  • Providing advice about the workplace environment
  • Being a problem solver
  • Having real experience in his/her own field

The expectations of you and your mentor could be different from the examples stated below. Do not limit yourself with these examples and define your expectations in accordance with your needs. As your relationship improves and grows, your expectations will change. Try to be aware of your expectations and make sure that you communicate these expectations to your mentor.

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