Internationality is one of the most important aspects of İstanbul Bilgi University. The motto of our university is “Learning not for school but for life”. Learning not only happen with the walls of the university but beyond its borders. The fundamental principles that BİLGİ holds dear to are compiled of 14 pillars and 7 of them emphasize or is connected to internationality.

  • BİLGİ believes in the importance of pluralism, diversity and critical thinking in both university and societal life.

  • BİLGİ instills in students at every level academic and professional knowledge and skills for coping with the complex problems of today’s world that are both grounded in tradition and aim at innovation.

  • BİLGİ is an international institution in every sense of the word, taking as its reference point for all programs competencies that meet international standards of quality as well as principles and practices of accreditation.

  • BİLGİ gives importance to its students and alumni becoming people who are sensitive to and assume responsibility for the problems of society and the world.

  • BİLGİ develops life-long educational programs in accordance with its belief that access to means of self-improvement is a basic right for individuals at any age.

  • BİLGİ aims to operate and provide service at both national and international levels.

  • BİLGİ is a student-centered institution in all of its teaching and learning endeavors. BİLGİ ensures that its students actively participate in their learning and educational process and become individuals capable of researching, questioning, and integrating knowledge.

Within 20 years Bilgi has become one of the leading international universities in Turkey.  We have nearly 2000 international Students from over 90 countries around the world. Along with giving our students a variety of study abroad programs around the world. Having partner agreements with more than 250 institutions in 40 countries which include Erasmus + and Bilateral programs.