Mission & Vision

İstanbul Bilgi University’s Global Talent Management Center - Global Affairs’ mission is to empower its students with the necessary tools, innovations, skills, and perspectives so that they can become global citizens. International programs at BİLGİ allow students to enhance their sense of social responsibility and embrace global and local challenges with the experience they acquire through the programs.

Students of today are already global in the sense of the technologies within their grasps, but it is always real-life experiences that help them navigate their way in the world. By creating an understanding regarding different cultures, languages, and histories, the international opportunities that İstanbul Bilgi University offers ensure that our students become successful individuals.

Employers look for employees who are equipped with practical skills and who can also be an effective member of a team by using their intercultural skills and who can communicate with their global competitors around the world.

BİLGİ Global Talent Management Center- Global Affairs offers Erasmus+, bilateral exchange and short-term exchange programs in order to provide students an all-encompassing experience.