Career Planning Course

This course has been designed in order to enable students to understand the process of career management and provide them support regarding their education and their professional decisions. As part of the course, students will improve themselves in terms of assessing their fields of interest, skills, and values, of integrating their personal characteristics to their career, profession, and education decisions, of developing strategies in accordance with their goals. This course has been designed for first and second-year students who have just begun university and it is also open to third and fourth-year students from different faculties and departments.

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to do the following:

  • They will gain insight with regard to their strengths, competencies, fields of interest, and values during career choice.
  • They will explore academic branches, areas of profession, and graduate education.
  • They will learn which competencies are needed in business world and how to improve these competencies.
  • They will examine different CV formats and improve their skills of writing an effective, strong CV.
  • They will learn about the qualities that employers look for in candidates, how to answer certain questions, examine different assessment techniques, and prepare themselves for job interviews.
  • They will have effective job search techniques and improve their networking skills.
  • They will develop the skill of using social media and technology in areas such as job applications and professional networking.
  • They will learn different writing formats required for job applications and prepare effective application letters.