İstanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Communication has been pioneering change and shaping the field since its inception. In an age where traditional models are being replaced by transdisciplinary, collective work-oriented systems, and where social impact, technological literacy, data analysis, and co-opetition are on the rise, we aim to continue our pioneering role in a range of fields from communication to design, management to art.

To this end, we adopt an ecosystem approach that prioritizes university and industry interaction, as well as a future-based, holistic perspective. In our curriculum, we offer our students not only theoretical and practical knowledge about the field they will specialize in, but also opportunitiess where they can develop 21st century competencies such as critical thinking, creativity, global awareness, flexibility, and adaptability. In this context, we encourage our students to be involved in projects and studies carried out with non-governmental organizations, enabling them to experience that communication is one of the most powerful tools for creating a rights-based, equal and just world.

We are constantly updating our curriculum and technical facilities by closely following sectoral changes and transformations in the fields of visual communication design, cinema, journalism, advertising, public relations, art and cultural management, performing arts, digital game design, television, communication design and management. We are also establishing new partnerships and collaborations with the private sector, civil society, and public institutions.

As the Faculty of Communication, with the awareness of the transformative, healing and unifying power of art, we aim to support and expand creative production throughout the faculty.