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Department Head Tolga Tüzün Prof.

The Department of Music, which opened in 1998 to provide jazz studies, was a place where talented Turkish youth met with jazz musician greats and were able to sail off towards new horizons when they graduated. Some of the most important masters of the Turkish music scene were trained at this school.

In 2005, the Department of Music made the decision to broaden its borders beyond just Jazz and created an all-new department that stood at an equal distance from all areas of music, taking a fresh new breath and combining the fields of composition and sound technology. This department now stands in a very unique position by opening its doors to anyone who has decided to become a musician in Turkey in the 21st century, by bringing together students who are learning the necessary discipline, encouraging the free thinking and creativity that is required in musical education, with professors who are constantly thinking about these aspects and who are also learning everyday alongside their students.