With BİLGİ UP applied at İstanbul Bilgi University for the first time, students can start their graduate study at the last year of their undergraduate studies.

Students deciding to pursue graduate studies during their undergraduate education and wishing to set out on their career faster may start their graduate studies with the graduate courses they take during their last year within the scope of BİLGİ UP, and continue with their graduate studies after they successfully complete their courses and graduate, provided that they meet the relevant conditions and are admitted to the program they apply for.

Thus, students not only get an advantage in terms of time, but also receive a discount of 40% over the relevant graduate program tuition fee.

They can continue to benefit from all facilities provided by BİLGİ to its students for graduate studies, which constitute one of the most important steps of career growth.

BİLGİ UP Application

Requirements for graduate students:

  • Being in the 7th and 8th semesters of their undergraduate programs
  • Having a GPA of 2.00 and above
  • Not exceeding the credit load of 42 in a semester and 80 in a year together with the credits of the courses to be taken in addition

Undergraduate students having a GPA of 2.00 and above, who are on their 7th and/or 8th academic term, may use their right to overload in fall and spring semesters, and take two graduate program courses from among the programs included in the scope of BİLGİ UP in addition to the credit load required for graduation.

Selection of courses:

License students meeting the conditions may file a petition and take graduate program courses after they select their undergraduate courses during course selection days. Students may take either one course in fall and spring semesters or two courses in one of these semesters depending on their credit load .

In order to register for courses included in the scope of BİLGİ UP, students should submit, together with their current transcript, their petition related to the courses desired to be taken for the approval of their supervisors, and in case of graduate programs conducted by institute departments, the head of the institute department, and in other cases, the relevant graduate program director. If the graduate program to which the student is registered is conducted by a department, the approval of the head of the relevant department shall also be obtained in addition. Approved forms shall be submitted to the Undergraduate Student Affairs Office in order to be submitted to the board of the relevant student's faculty or school. Decisions on applications are made by the board of the student's faculty or school. After approval is granted by the board of the faculty, the Registrar's Office adds graduate courses to the student system as an "extra slot".

Course Achievement:

Students wishing to start graduate studies within the scope of BİLGİ UP are obliged to successfully complete the graduate courses taken. In case of failure to successfully complete these courses, they will be required to repeat the same courses or the courses deemed appropriate by the relevant academic unit instead of the relevant course, and successfully complete the same in order to earn an undergraduate diploma.

Undergraduate students' grade for the graduate program courses they take in addition to their syllabus is included in the undergraduate GPA.

Students wishing to continue with graduate studies once they successfully complete the courses and to have the graduate courses counted should consider that the grading system of graduate courses is different. In case of the grading system of graduate courses, undergraduate students are considered as graduate students and graded accordingly. In case of graduate courses, C+ refers to "conditional pass". Besides, C+ (2.30) is insufficient for the required General Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.80 for a graduate diploma. Therefore, undergraduate students should aim to complete the graduate courses taken with a grade of B- and above. 

Application for Graduate Studies

Students who successfully complete the graduate courses taken within the scope of BİLGİ UP and receive their undergraduate diploma are entitled to file an application for the relevant graduate program within 1 year following the date of their graduation. Students should meet the admission conditions announced by the graduate program they wish to continue with. Candidates who fail to meet the admission conditions determined by the relevant programs and announced by the Academic Board each year may not continue with graduate studies even if they successfully completed the graduate courses taken in the year of graduation.

Students meeting admission conditions should follow up the application dates of the relevant program, perform the necessary procedures related to application and take the required written and/or verbal exams. Successfully completing the relevant program's courses and meeting the relevant admission conditions do not mean that the students will be automatically registered for the relevant program. Students who meet admission conditions and are admitted to the program upon completing the evaluation procedures may register with graduate programs.

  • The grade taken from transferred courses is included in the graduate GPA.
  • If students wish to register with a graduate program different than the one from which they took courses, transfer of the relevant courses shall be subject to the approval of the director of the graduate program they registered with and the head of the relevant department.
  • In order for the courses to be transferred, the courses or the relevant graduate program should be offered in the same language.
  • Students who successfully complete two graduate courses are entitled to register with a graduate program at 40% discount within the scope of BİLGİ UP.


Graduate Programs included in the scope of BİLGİ UP *

  • Accounting and Auditing
  • Architectural Design
  • Banking and Finance Online
  • Bioengineering
  • Business Law
  • Computer Engineering
  • Cultural Management
  • Cultural Studies
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • English Language and Literature
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Technology
  • Film and Television
  • Financial Economics
  • History, Theory and Criticism in Architecture
  • Human Resource Management
  • Human Rights Law
  • International Political Economy
  • International Relations
  • Management Information Systems Online
  • Marketing (English)
  • Marketing Communication
  • MBA
  • Media and Communication Systems
  • Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Organizational Psychology
  • Philosophy and Social Thought
  • Trauma and Disaster Mental Health

*The list will be updated at the beginning of each semester.

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For detailed info:
Please visit Graduate Admissions Office (santralistanbul Campus, L1-Z06  /  0212 311 7667  /