Application Process

Why should I choose BİLGİ graduate?

Today BİLGİ continues to follow the path in graduate education it initiated in 1997 with near 3,000 students, 11,000 graduates and over 50 graduate programs tailored to the needs of business world as well as academic specialization. Pioneering graduate education with its innovative approach, BİLGİ introduced the first e-MBA program in Turkey and leaded the online higher education.  

In BİLGİ graduate programs,

  • You can get the opportunity to learn from the academicians and industry professionals who are the leaders of their own field. 
  • You can have good references by building a strong network.
  • You can advance in your career through academia-industry collaborations and programs providing specialization in the business world.
  • You can familiarize with the actual practices in lessons welcoming guest speakers from the business world.
  • You can meet world-known names via international connections and conferences regularly held in your campus.
  • With online courses and worker-friendly classes scheduled on weekdays, you can manage your work life and graduate education at the same time.

How can I be a graduate student?

Program Information

For the information about the program you want to study in, you can check the website of it and you can join graduate admission meetings to get further information. Also, you can get the opportunity to experience graduate education in BİLGİ by attending Open Courses. For further information you can contact Graduate Admissions Office (via /0 212 311 7667).

Online Application

To become a graduate student in BİLGİ, you should firstly fill the online application form. Once you complete online application, application conditions, necessary documents and details about assessment process are sent to your e-mail. For online application, click here.

Application Conditions

Each program has its own application conditions. You can learn the application conditions from the programs’ websites. You can find here the website links of all programs. ALES is not a prerequisite in BİLGİ graduate programs without thesis. If you don’t have a valid English language proficiency certificate, you can enter BİLGİ Graduate Online English Exam (BİLET 3) to determine your proficiency level. For further information about BİLET 3 click here.


If you are deemed suitable after your online application, you are invited to interview and/or written exam for further assessment. For assessment dates of graduate programs click here.

Tuition Fees and Scholarships

In graduate programs, if you are deemed suitable in the assessment by the jury of the program you apply, you can benefit from academic scholarship. For further information about graduate program tuition fees, scholarships and discounts, click here.

Acceptance and Registration

Once you get accepted to graduate programs, you receive a pre-registration link and an e-mail about registration documents you have to submit. When you complete your registration within the deadline, you get the student status.

Becoming a Student Again in BİLGİ


Graduate education courses are offered in BİLGİ’s centrally located campuses which are santralistanbul, Dolapdere and Kozyatağı. You can have the experience of becoming a student again by seizing many social and cultural facilities in BİLGİ campuses.


Hosting more than 1,000 thousand events every year, BİLGİ offers an education intertwined with culture and art. Attending conferences and workshops welcoming world-known names, you can have the opportunity of self-development in line with your career intention. Check out the events here.


While you are achieving your career targets, you can get support from BİLGİTalent, improve your knowledge and add new connections to your network by attending certificate programs, seminars and industry meetups organized for your professional development. 


BİLGİ Library has a rich collection where you can find the most recent resources in the field you specialized. You can reach BİLGİ Library -housing over 62,500 e-journals, more than 445,000 e-books and 125 databases and e-encyclopedia- any time of the day, either on or off-campus access. For further information, click here.

When You Graduate

BİLGİ graduate alumni can continue their academic careers in the most prestigious universities of the world or maintain their business life in the leading international corporations.

When you graduate, you can find the opportunity of building up a network with thousands of BİLGİ alumni from various industries and develop new initiatives and projects through your new business network. 

You can follow the events organized for academic and professional development of BİLGİ Alumni with “lifelong learning” perspective by joining by BİLGİ Alumni Communication Portal. To join the portal click here.

Yener Dilber, bilgiMBA 2010 Graduate

“In business world, we’re part of a chaotic system where very few things are formulized. This fact increases the need for leaders who believe there isn’t only one ‘best way’ to do a job and who can produce solutions with contingency approach. Bilgi MBA program offers an academic staff encouraging such a perspective and most importantly, an environment with an established program culture where there is no room to stereotypes.”

Arda Kutsal, bilgiMBA 2007 Graduate

“MBA education I received at BİLGİ provided me with the required foundation for the business line that I focused and to manage my own company. bilgiMBA supported me to develop my perspective of the companies. After I graduated, I quitted my job in Argentum Ventures in August 2007 and established Crenvo IT Consultancy focused on internet enterprises, providing strategy, product and marketing consultancy services. In August 2006, I founded Webrazzi, a website reaching near 30 thousand people today. In October 2010, Forbes Turkey showcased the Webrazzi’s success on its cover.”

Murat Levent Yalgın, BİLGİ Visual Communication Design 2007 Graduate

“Master’s degree education that I got from BİLGİ drastically changed my design perspective and shaped all my career.”

Harun Belen, BİLGİ International Finance 2008 Graduate

“In the program, we studied with the academicians who are experienced in various industries, have strong communication with the students and encourage them to learn with their open communication in the class. Worker-friendly class schedule also allowed us to put what we learnt into practice in our jobs. As my experience increases and take on more responsibility, I believe I can get more benefit from what I obtained from the program.”

Nilgün Serdar Şimşek, BİLGİ Business Law 2009 Graduate

“I attended BİLGİ Business Law Master Program after I completed 10th year in working life. During the program, I had the opportunity to merge my job experiences with the theoretical aspect of the law and significantly broaden my perspective. Besides, I had the opportunity to get courses from the distinguished faculty members of BİLGİ in the field of commercial law. A wide range of course options, especially the elective courses and courses focused on the applied aspect of the law, allowed me to get maximum benefit from the program.”

Zeynep Oğraş, BİLGİ Banking and Finance 2009 Graduate

“With Banking and Finance Master Program, not only I had academic knowledge about banking and finance but also had the opportunity to get courses from the experienced names of the banking sector. The academic knowledge merged with the vast experiences of our professors allowed me to take firmer steps in my career path.”