Scientific Research Fund

BİLGİ Scientific Research Fund (BAP) is allocated by the Rectorate for the full-time faculty members of the University to assess and support project proposals that are expected to contribute to the literature through their scientific, technologic, economic, social, and cultural outputs. To this end, the applications are accepted twice a year during the periods announced, and assessments are made in accordance with the scientific evaluation reports taken from two  reviewers from within and outside BİLGİ. It is expected that the project proposals should be based on the idea of training young scientists, building and developing research infrastructure, and making original contributions to science and arts.

According to the İstanbul Bilgi University Scientific Research Fund Directive, Scientific Research Commission, formed under the presidency of the Rector, or assigned Vice-Rector, consists of 7 to 11 faculty members appointed by the Rector for a period of 4 years upon the recommendation of the Academic Board. The members of the Commission could be reappointed for another term through the same procedure.     

The forms required for the Scientific Research Projects Fund are as follows: 


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