Assessment Criteria

For students to complete a level successfully, they need to get a minimum average grade from all the assessment components throughout the term with minimum grades from certain assessment components.

Assessment Components

Attendance and Participation

Students are expected to regularly attend all their lessons in the English Preparatory Program. Absenteeism is recorded each day by the teacher. Students are expected to come to lessons on time and prepared with their materials, books and notebooks. They are also expected to participate during the lessons. Throughout the term, students are evaluated by each of their instructors according to the criteria.


These exams are common and teacher quizzes given thoroughout the term. Students may or may not be informed about the dates of these quizzes.

Learning Support

Throughout the term, students are required to perform a variety of tasks that aim to provide them with language use practice. These tasks are given to students in class and as homework.

Online Studies and Homework

The passwords for the online studies are given when the students purchase their books. The instructors keep track of these online studies.

End of Term Achievement Test

This exam is given over two days at the end of each term. One day is allocated for the speaking component of the test and one day is allocated for the written component.

P.S.: According to an analysis of data collected over the years, the AT grade of a student corresponds to the quiz grades received during the term. There is a 3 point discrepancy between the AT grade and the quiz grades for 95% of the students that missed an exam during the term. The results indicate that regular class attendance and participation is effective in increasing the termly and end-of-year success rate of the students.